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Written by Jessica Duquette
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What is a Computer Cooling Fan?

Every computer generates a substantial amount of heat. This heat occurs from the electricity passing through the machine causing the materials to oscillate. The rate of oscillation is measured by Megahertz. The more Megahertz your computer has, the more heat it generates. A cooling fan works to keep the temperature within the computer down, thus extending the life of your computer.

Why Do I Need a Computer Cooling Fan?

You should be aware of the reasons behind cooling your computer down with the use of fans. If you have CPU of 200 MHz or more it is strongly encouraged that you to purchase a cooling fan for your system. A computer is a big investment. A cooling fan will lengthen its lifespan and save you money in the long run.

Does My Current Computer Have a Cooling Fan?

Most computers over 200MHz come with a cooling fan already installed. Some cooling fan info you may not know, however, is that each fan should be watched carefully and replaced occasionally to ensure optimum functionality. When you turn your computer on you should hear the sound of a fan running. If you can't here this sound, you better have someone look at it.

What Types of Cooling Fans Can I Buy For My Computer?

There are three types of computer fans. Case fans, CPU fans and hard drive fans are three types of cooling fans used to maintain the life of your computer equipment. Each of these three fans focuses on cooling off a different part of equipment, and each are crucial in keeping your equipment in top shape.

My Computer Cooling Fan is Making Too Much Noise

When you turn your computer on you should hear the start of the cooling fan. That is not to say however, that you should hear the fan laboriously trying to keep the temperature down. An important piece of cooling fan inforomation you should know, is that fans, when working properly, should not make any erratic noises. You should only hear a constant hum. The fan you most often hear is the case fun which is turned on by the major power supply. The hard drive fan and CPU fan should be checked regularly for problems.

Brands of Cooling Fans

There are many brands of cooling fans available at retail stores and from online merchants. Thermaltake and Zalman are two major suppliers in the industry. Both these manufacturers offer good deals on very reliable equipment and are strongly recommended.

The Best Use of Computer Cooling Fans

If you are installing your own computer cooling fan, be sure to read as much cooling fan information as possible before implementing your new purchase. You want to be sure to direct the airflow over the important parts of the CPU, hard drive and case. There are plenty of websites that can provide you with appropriate installation techniques.

Where to Buy a Cooling Fan

You can buy your computer cooling fan at many computer retail stores. However, it is recommended that you research products and compile enough research to make an informed decision. Many of the products mentioned in the paragraphs above are available from online merchants at lower prices.

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