Cpu Cooling

Written by Jessica Duquette
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CPU cooling is crucial in order to keep your computer running in tip top shape. Stop and think about why a cooling system is necessary in computers. Your car engine has a cooling system in order to keep it performing. On an every day basis your car probably doesn't require much coolant. But imagine being stuck in traffic for hours on the hottest day of the summer. Without a cooling system, you'd soon find yourself pulled over on the side of the road with your hood open to let out the smoke.

CPUs work the same way. If your computer holds a lot of data and you are constantly testing its limits with various applications and documents simultaneously, you'll soon realize that all these commands generate electricity and heat. In order to keep your CPU peforming and performing well, you need a CPU cooling system.

What Kind of System Do You Need?

Well, if you have a CPU of more than 200 MegaHertz, it's a wise idea to purchase additional cooling mechanisms besides the one fan that comes with your purchase. There are three major components that need to be cooled. The CPU, the hard drive and the case.

To best cool your CPU, you should have one powerful fan in front of your system to pull cool air towards your computer. Another fan set up behind the CPU will help to push out the warm air being circulated. Finally, you can cut blowholes in your CPU case and aim them at certain areas that get characteristically hot, like the motherboard. Proper CPU cooling techniques can be found on the Internet or you can learn more from your regular computer retailers.

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