Desktop Computer Reviews

Written by Sarah Provost
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A desktop computer is a major purchase. Not only are you investing a significant amount of money, but you also have to make a lot of decisions about exactly what you want and need. The number of choices you are faced with can be overwhelming, so it's difficult to decide which computer to purchase and what components are necessary for your uses. Therefore, it's a very good idea to read computer reviews before you make your decision.

Use Your Computer to Review Computers

Because everything changes so quickly in the computer world, it is strongly suggested that you use the Internet to do your research. Computer sites are frequently updated, so you have access to the latest information. Even magazines dedicated to computer information have a longer lead time than a website, and will be outdated much more quickly.

You also have more control over the comparison process when you do your research online. Many sites allow you to set up side-by-side comparisons among several contending computers. Additionally, branded sites allow you to compare different models of their brand, with easy-to-read tables listing all the options.

The most efficient way to go about this process is in four steps. First, make a list of what components you need. For example, do you need high speed and sophisticated graphics for gaming, or do you mainly intend to use your computer for word processing, spreadsheets and e-mail? Once you know the specs of your ideal computer, go to a general review site to help you make a decision about the best brand. Next, go to the brand site and use the comparison tables to find the model that most closely matches your specs. Finally, run a search for that specific model. This will bring up many sites and allow you to find your best price.

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