Desktop Computers

Written by Sarah Provost
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There are many factors to consider when buying a desktop computer system. Unless you have a very strong brand loyalty, perhaps the best way to proceed is to make a list of the specs you need for your purposes, then compare different models and brands at a comparison site. Here are some of the most important factors to consider.

Which Operating System Will You Use?

Before anything else, you need to consider your new computer's operating system. If you choose an Apple, that narrows your field down to one brand and a limited number of models. PCs running on DOS, however, offer hundreds of models to choose from. Apple users are loyalists, claiming a much more intuitive and easy to use system. PCs, however, still claim the highest share of the market, which makes them more easily compatible with other systems.

The processor itself, or CPU, mainly governs speed. If cost is your main concern, look for a budget CPU at around 2.4 GHz. High-end processors will have 3.2 GHz or more. As for memory, a minimum RAM of 256 MB is necessary, but you'll get better performance with a Ram of 512 MB.

Choose your hard drive for storage capacity and speed. A drive with 60 to 80 GB is the minimum storage you'll need, but you can often upgrade at no cost. As for speed, a 7200 rpm drive will suit most users' needs. Once you have decided on your operating system and these basic specs, you can go online to do some comparison shopping and get the best machine for the best price.

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