Discount Computers

Written by Sarah Provost
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There are so many ways to buy computers at a discount these days that no one should ever have to pay the full list price. At the very least, you can settle in with the Sunday newspaper ads and find sales, price breaks and rebates galore. Shopping on the Web, however, is likely to save you even more.

Let's assume you know exactly what brand and model you want to buy. Your first step might be to go to the brand home site to see what specials they are offering. Don't stop there, though. Try a few of the price-comparison sites. These allow you to specify the computer you want and then view a list of many outlets and what price each one is asking.

Next, check whether any special interest group you might belong to offers discounts for its members. Educators, for example, can often get discounts on computer equipment. Members of AARP and the US Armed Forces can also buy at a special rate. Brand-new computers are also auctioned off at sites such as e-Bay. If you have a low income and school-age children, there may be governmental aid to be found.

Buy Used Computers for Even More Savings

Buying a used or refurbished computer will bring the price down even lower. There are many sites that specialize in refurbished computers, and some brand home sites offer their own brand. Auction sites, too, are a good source for used equipment. Do your homework, and you'll never have to pay retail again.

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