Dvd Cd-rw Combo Drives

Written by James McLean
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There was a time when most notebook computers came with floppy drives and little else. That soon gave way to CD drives, and thence DVDs. Today it is not unusual to find multiple drives that handle media as disparate as CD-Rs, SD cards and multiple USB ports.

The truth is that our notebooks are only as good as the hardware they house and the peripherals they can handle. More ports mean greater connectivity and a world of options for every environment. And versatile drives mean you can watch, rip and burn everything you own while in transit or on the beach.

The Combo Drive

The good news is that a number of clever engineers figured out a while back how to combine these many drives into one. Today, many high-end laptops sport combination DVD/CD-R drives in the same slim line tray, leaving space and weight available for other things. Thankfully the best such drives boast write speeds comparable to the very fastest freestanding peripherals.

Notebooks only became relevant when they could plausibly replace desktop PCs. That day is now, as countless smaller manufacturers are leading the charge toward powerful media-ready machines in handsome designs. If you are looking for a simple way to take films and music on the road, you may want to look for a combo drive with some juice.

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