Dvd Drives

Written by Charles Peacock
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DVD drives are for more than just playing movies on your computer. As drive and media prices have dropped, they've also become a great way to archive data. You can fit a more than five times as much information on a single DVD than you could on a standard burnable CD, which makes backing up large amounts of files a lot easier.

Which DVD Drive Should You Choose?

If you're only looking to play movies and DVD-ROMs on your computer, a standard DVD drive will more than do the trick. Most DVD drives these days are extremely affordable, and they always offer the ability to read standard CD-ROMs as well. This means that they are totally backwards-compatible and can immediately replace your old CD-ROM drive.

If you'd like to burn DVDs for video or archiving purposes, you can also pick up a DVD burner for a surprisingly low price. Most drives these days support all of the current DVD burning formats, which is useful if you're not sure (like most of us) which format is best and which will become the standard. If you prefer a particular DVD burning format, shop around for a drive that has a good reputation burning to that particular standard.

DVD burner speeds have not yet reached the speeds of CD burners, and they might not for some time. Some are beginning to reach the 16x level, but they aren't reliable enough to guarantee a perfect burn every time. For now, it's best to stick to burners that are reliable at 4x speeds.

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