Enermax Power Supplies

Written by Charles Peacock
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Enermax is a leading manufacturer of cases and accessories for those interested in building their own PCs. Enermax offers a wide range of products that can accommodate any level of user, from the IT professional to the home gamer. In addition to their popular PC cases, Enermax makes reliable power supplies that will also suit anything from the smallest PC to the most robust server.

Varieties of Enermax Power Supplies

The Enermax EG301P-VB is an affordable power supply for simply home computer applications. Normally priced at under $50, the EG301P-VB supports both Pentium 4 motherboards and processors, as well as systems running AMD K7 processors. The EG301P-VB features a quiet fan that can be monitored by the motherboard, and it supplies 300 watts of power.

For more robust users, the EG851AX-VH offers 650 watts of power and support for Intel Xeon and AMD MP dual CPU server motherboards. If you're using the EG851AX-VH in a server system, you can take advantage of the unit's built-in protection circuits for added reliability. The EG851AX-VH features over current protection, over voltage protection, under voltage protection, and over load protection.

True dependability is usually achieved through redundancy, and the Enermax EVR3006 is a power supply that fits this bill. With hot-swappable power units, the EVR3006 supports both Intel Pentium 4 and AMD Athlon CPUs. It also features an audio alarm and a fault LED warning to alert you of any potential power problems.

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