External Hard Drives

Written by Charles Peacock
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Data storage is a critical problem these days, since we tend to rely on our computers for more and more important tasks. Unless you back up your data regularly, losing a hard drive can be an absolute nightmare. Years' worth of emails, photos or business data can be wiped out in an instant. So what is the best way to protect yourself and your data?

Using External Hard Drives for Data Protection

Data storage is never 100 percent reliable, since anything from a hard drive to a burned DVD is subject to potential damage. The best way to protect your data, then, is to keep multiple copies. If your computer is holding several gigabytes of important data however (which it probably is), backing up files to CDs or even DVDs can be extremely time consuming.

External hard drives are a great way to back up large amounts of information easily and quickly. External drives with high-speed USB or firewire connections allow you to transfer thousands of files simply by dragging and dropping a folder. When the drive is not in use, you can simply disconnect it and hide it away for safekeeping.

Another advantage of external hard drives is how easy they are to transport and hook up to different computers. Most external drives will work with both PCs and Macs, facilitating file transfers between the two platforms and even letting you back up files from both platforms onto one drive. In the event that a computer crashes, you can simply reformat your original drive and use the external drive to restore all of your backed-up information.

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