Flash Pen Drives

Written by Charles Peacock
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In the early days of personal computers, most of us were used to transferring files easily from one computer to another by using a good old fashioned floppy disk. Even when floppies stopped being floppy (when the harder, 3.5 inch variety was introduced) they were easy to carry around, held just enough information and were a real convenience. Now that most new computers come without floppy drives installed, what's the best way to carry your files around with you?

Flash Pen Drives Make Moving Files Easy

When floppy drives first started to disappear, there were two methods that were supposed to help you maintain file portability. The first method was email, since most files that you'd want to carry around with you can easily be emailed to another computer. The second option was burning CDs, which was cheap but prone to errors, and we all know that CDs aren't as sturdy as floppy disks.

With the advent of cheaper flash memory technology, it's finally possible to carry your files around just like in the old days. In fact, using a flash pen drive (so named because of their use of "flash memory" technology and their physical resemblance to a pen) is even easier than using a floppy. Copying files to a flash drive is faster, the device itself is smaller and sturdier, and you don't have to have a special drive just to plug the device in to your computer.

Most flash pen drives have a USB plug on one end of the device. Since virtually all PCs and Macs have USB inputs, you can plug a flash drive in basically anywhere. The best part is that flash drives almost never need drivers to work properly--you just plug them in and they immediately show up as available disks.

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