Free Mp3 Players

Written by Sarah Provost
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It's hard to believe that the tiny, ubiquitous personal jukeboxes known as MP3 players have only been around since 1998. It's hard to believe the amount of music you can have available at your fingertips when you have an MP3 player. And it's really hard to believe that you can own one without spending a penny, but it's true.

In some cases, you can get the actual physical object. If you want a free iPod Mini, for instance, which retails for about $250, you can get one in your choice of blue, silver, gold, pink or green. To qualify, though, you must apply for one of about 20 other offers. These range from computer tutorials to credit cards to book clubs, and there are several sites for pharmaceuticals such as weight loss pills, vitamins, "mood enhancers" and "male performance enhancers" that offer free MP3 players.

Most of these offers require at least a shipping and handling charge. Many, such as the book and DVD clubs, require further purchases. It's still not a bad deal though, to buy a couple of overpriced DVDs and get an iPod Mini in the bargain.

Free Downloads

Most of what is advertised as free MP3 players are not the physical objects, but free downloads of the programs that encode and decode the music. Some of these have embedded nags, pop-ups, spyware or bundle ware. Others are minimal versions, with upgrades available for a price. However, there are some truly free downloads available, with the ability to play many formats, rank your playlist, and apply some very cool skins.

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