Full Sized Laptop Keyboards

Written by James McLean
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If you have ever spent any time cramping over a crunched up laptop keyboard, you know how disorienting these devices can be. After a lifetime of using standard keyboard strokes, your hands are suddenly forced to adapt to a more cramped layout and smaller targets. The consequences can range from more inconvenience to legitimate repetitive stress injuries.

Most laptops these days carry 100 percent or something very close to it. That doesn't stop rebellious manufacturers from trying to make an end run around existing weight and design features to market something even smaller and lighter. Unfortunately, the trade-off can usually be measured in hours of wrist pain.

The Real Thing

There aren't many devices in modern computing that cannot benefit from miniaturization, but keyboards are most certainly one of them. Until the days when laser-projected keyboards and foldable smart paper technologies become available, you may want to stick to the same layout you have become accustomed to for a lifetime. The dividends in speed and comfort far outweigh the extra ounces you lose by scaling down to 85 percent.

Laptops are growing ever more portable, powerful and connected. If you want to maintain the same blazing typing speeds you have spent years developing, you might do better to direct your search toward smarter hardware than smaller keyboards. When you can work at peak efficiency, there is simply no better measure of your laptop's effectiveness.

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