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You might be feeling sorry for those who grew up and played video games before the internet generation. The Generation X crowd had video games like Pong and PacMan. Before that, there were board games like Monopoly. Not exactly exciting stuff, by today's standards. Today's gaming experience is waged on the computer--on beefy, robust computers that can handle whatever these incredibly complex games throw at them.

In every category, gaming has become bigger, bolder, and badder. Games have become more intricate and sophisticated. At the same time, computer gaming electronics for desktops and laptops have become more and more technologically advanced. To top it all off, following a pricing trend that has held constant for many years, prices have come down as the technology has improved. Compared to the earlier years of video game breakthroughs, the speed and strength of these developments appears unrivaled.

Gaming Laptops Are Becoming More Powerful and More Affordable
With the visual feast these games offer, it isn't surprising the gaming demographic has expanded. No longer is it just teen boys who brave it all for conquest and glory on the computer screen. In fact, a big chunk of gamers are men in their 20s and 30s. As the games improve and become more sophisticated, it wouldn't be surprising to see games become more popular with women of all ages and older men.

It's a good idea to get to know the top makers of gaming machines. Read the reviews of both gaming magazines and general computing magazines. Some magazines have even developed their own proprietary software to assess the speed and performance of gaming computers. All of this research will help people make educated decisions before making a sizable investment in a gaming laptop or desktop.

Customizing Is the Key to Gaming Machines
With such a dizzying array of gaming packages to choose from, even the most seasoned gamer can sometimes get befuddled with which gaming PC or laptop is right for them. It's always important to keep in mind what games require, and what parts to devote the most time and money to. Some say RAM is the most important piece of hardware to focus on, while others point to the processor.

RAM stands for random access memory, and it is basically a component that allows for the retrieval of information and data in a random order. RAM is getting more and more affordable by the passing day, so don't get queasy about purchasing a system with a beefy RAM allotment. It isn't too difficult to add RAM to your existing computer, either. Either 64 MB or 128 MB can be obtained for a fairly affordable price.

A fast and furious 3D video card is essential for any of the graphics-rich computer games. Developers are creating exquisitely rich images that saturate each frame with delightful color and clarity. It would be a shame to have a video card that failed to accurately portray these images to their fullest potential.

Choose Components Carefully
To the devoted gamer who wants it all, also make sure the mouse works with pinpoint accuracy. Take a look at the optical mouse. There are those who say it works a whole lot better than the standard ones, as the mouse ball can get gummed up and suffer in performance. This is just the beginning of a long list of things to look out for. For a fine-tuned, souped-up computer gaming machine, all of this meticulous research will be well worth the effort.

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