Gaming Laptops

Written by James McLean
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These days, it can be difficult to determine what makes a gaming laptop different from a professional one. To be sure, there are some pieces of hardware that are simply required equipment, including the very latest video cards from Radeon and Nvidia. But what you add after that is largely a matter of taste more than it is any particular requirement.

Gaming laptops are special because they tend to boast the very latest display technologies, from the brightest UXGA+ enhanced screen to generous supplies of DDR RAM. Generally what you're looking for is a machine that can render polygons, stream video and create formidable sound spaces. Needless to say, this is a lot to ask of such a tiny computer.

Cheaper Ways

The good news is that gaming laptops have become one of the specialties of a number of smaller manufacturers. Instead of focusing on the same staid packages of Office applications, some forward-looking boutique builders are focusing their energies on laptops that contain high bus speeds, fast chips and the sleek hardware design of gaming. Many of these can be found for a fraction of similar offerings from the major manufacturers.

Sager and ProStar are two of the best designers of ultra-high-end gaming laptops, so a little comparison shopping could save you money. If you are interested in unique features such as integrated subwoofers and web cams, you may want to look in unconventional corners for the latest technologies. Some advance research might put you in touch with sellers that can get you a great product.

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