Glossy Displays For Notebooks

Written by James McLean
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It's hard to work on a train, plane or subway car without quickly growing envious of the glossy new notebook displays you see all over the place. A technology that graduated quickly from monochrome to color has since exploded into millions of colors and painfully bright displays. The truth is that mobile computing has never looked better.

There was a time in the evolution of the LCD when many of the hardest problems didn't seem to have any easy solutions. Increase the viewing angle and you kill the brightness. Get the screen bright enough and the colors start to bleed. And if you could get all those target specs up to snuff, there was the persistent problem of fragility to contend with.

Slimmer, Faster, Better

Those days are all in the past now. Look around any major corporation and you may notice an extraordinary thing: flat panel screens have become so good, they are even preferable to traditional CRTs for desktop computers. This represents a major achievement for the technology, and one you can find reflected in screens on most new notebooks.

Whether you are buying SVGA or UXGA, you may want to look for important specs like pixel size (smaller is better), refresh rate (faster is better), and what kind of contrast ratio the screen boasts. Get all the benchmarks you want and you could find yourself gazing at the screen for its sheer beauty alone. Everything looks better when you buy a notebook with one of the best LCD screens around.

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