High Performance Notebook Computers

Written by James McLean
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Everybody is looking to buy high performance notebook computers these days. It's not hard to guess why, with increasing numbers of professional and personal work being done on the go instead of cooped up inside somewhere. As the machines grow more powerful, the number of things we can do in transit or at a coffee house seems to grow in lockstep.

It wasn't long ago that laptops were good for spreadsheets, word processing and little else. Today it is difficult to take a cross-country flight without witnessing these notebooks being put to use as everything from movie theaters to gaming consoles. The truth is that battery power remains the only remaining limiting factor on the latest generation of powerhouse notebooks.

The Real Revolution

Of course no mobile computing platform can ever rightfully be regarded as a stand-alone entity anymore. The advent of wi-fi and its subsequent staggering market saturation have made portable web-browsing and more ubiquitous. Today the very best notebooks can handshake with any wireless hub and have you sending email and instant messaging in a matter of seconds.

That's why industry watchers believe the very latest Pentium- and Athlon-equipped notebooks are going to change the way we do business. If you are looking for a great price on a machine with some personality, you may want to bypass major manufacturers like Dell and Gateway and go to smaller builders instead. They often carry the very same cutting edge hardware for a fraction of the price.

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