Infra Red Ports

Written by James McLean
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There is a good reason you see so many infrared ports on laptops these days. As peripherals grow smaller and more powerful, the need to interface quickly with other devices on the go becomes more paramount every year. Infrared is one of the easiest and safest ways to do so.

We carry enough junk in our laptop cases that their published weight becomes something of a joke. What good is it to shave a few precious ounces off the machine if the adapter, web cam, portable printer and USB light add another three pounds? Add in all the wires we tote around to get everything working together smoothly and it quickly becomes clear that this is a market of diminishing returns.

Bluetooth and More

That's the reason wireless protocols such as Bluetooth and infrared continue to enjoy such popularity. When your devices can communicate seamlessly with the laptop, there is no need for that snake pit we call our cords' pocket. Whether you are syncing a PDA or backing up your smartphone, there is no question that it gets a whole lot easier when you can work with light alone.

We are headed towards a wireless future. That is perhaps nowhere clearer than in the explosion of laptop sales that dominated all computer revenues in the last few years. If you have made the investment to get a notebook, why not go the rest of the way and make your investment a wireless hub in and of itself?

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