Intel Pentium Processors

Written by Charles Peacock
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Intel's processors have long dominated the PC market. Despite some level of challenge from AMD, Intel continues to produce more processors than any other manufacturer. But with all the different Intel processors and speeds out there, which one should you choose?

Choosing an Intel Processor

Processor speed is in many ways nothing more than a marketing gimmick. For the average personal computer user, processors that were being made five years ago are more than powerful enough to handle anything you might do with the computer. For power users (graphic designers, video editors, etc.) it's a different story--they're still waiting for processors that will let them do their jobs as quickly as they'd like to.

For the last few years, Intel has marketed two main types of processors: Pentium processors and Celeron processors. The Pentium chips are the more expensive chips, and they certainly are the fastest that Pentium produces. Just because they are fast, however, doesn't mean you necessarily need one. Celeron processors are plenty powerful and fast enough to handle normal tasks like surfing the web or typing up a report.

You may have wondered why computers using Pentium and Celeron chips that are rated at the same speed (two gigahertz, for example) have different price tags. The simple answer is this: just because the processor speed is the same doesn't mean the chips perform at the same level. Pentium chips usually have a faster bus and clock speed and a larger cache, which allows them to consistently outperform Celerons.

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