Internal Flash Card Readers

Written by James McLean
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These days one of the big trends in notebook computer design is the inclusion of internal flash card readers. As these tiny media types grow ever more common, manufacturers are scrambling to add new ports to their laptops that will read the cards. The good news is that the latest generation is generally robust, speedy and versatile enough to cover a wide range of sizes.

What are flash cards? Most commonly used in digital cameras, these are portable media cards that have now found their way into a host of other applications. Today you can find MP3 players, smartphones and thumb drives that all use some version of smart card technology. Syncing all that data through a USB can be time-consuming and arduous, however.

Go Direct

That's why the card readers are changing the way we deal with portable media. Instead of traveling through a conduit, data can be written and read directly from the card. Whether you are using a memory stick or an SD card, that means you can get write speeds comparable to the speed you get in the peripheral device. If you are fond of uploading full albums worth of photographs, you know the time saved can be extensive.

Flash media and portable cards are where memory is going. If you want a notebook that can keep up with your other portable lifestyle choices, you may want a machine that reads the very same media as your Treo. Some of the best notebooks out today integrate the very hardware you need to make this transition seamlessly.

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