Laptop Warranties

Written by James McLean
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Not all laptop warranties are created equal, which is why experts advise buyers read the fine print before investing in any new machine. Plenty of manufacturers cover the hardware but not the operating system, or require that you send the entire machine back in for repairs. Needless to say, there are many tiers of convenience and value to be considered, and knowing how to distinguish among them is one of the most empowering skills you can develop.

These days there are some bare minimums you should always demand in the warranty. 30 day return policies are standard, but turnaround time for repairs is a little more unusual. Some of the best companies nowadays promise 2- or 3-day repair time to get your laptop back into your hands in perfect condition for a certain duration of the warranty. If you've ever spent three weeks waiting for that essential machine to return, you know how essential this promise can be.

Other Things

Technical support is another matter, and everyone does it a little differently. The best warranties are those that provide lifetime technical support instead of the usual five-year drop dead date. Because notebooks are prone to failure throughout their lives, having this kind of abiding help no matter what may come is often a tremendous comfort for users.

Finally, you will probably want to look out for companies that offer extended warranties that give you little for the extra money. True extended warranties augment the original by stretching all those benefits years into the future. If you are looking for a notebook you can feel confident using heavily, you may want to get an extended warranty that actually promises the very same support without limitation or qualifying phrases.

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