Lian Li Cases

Written by Charles Peacock
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Lian Li Industrial is a Taiwanese company that specializes in high-end computer cases for the home computer builder. There are many advantages to buying a Lian Li case, from the design aspect to the accessories and features that come with many of their cases. Let's take a look at a few Lian Li models to get an idea of what sets their cases apart.

Varieties of Lian Li Cases

Lian Li produces cases in every shape and size, from mini towers to full towers to high-end server cases. All of their cases feature a distinctively modern design, and most are made of brushed aluminum or black painted metal. Their cases are spare looking, but they are nonetheless packed with goodies that you'll be thankful for down the road.

The Lian Li PC-V2100 is a top-of-the line server case for the discriminating IT administrator. Lian Li understands the importance of ventilation in powerful server computers, and the PC-V2100 is designed from the bottom up with ventilation in mind. It features three interior zones for better heat dissipation, as well as punched holes in the front and back to allow heat to escape easily. The PC-V2100 also comes with aluminum casters on the bottom to make moving the case around easy.

On the other end of the spectrum is the PC-52B, a black mini tower that combines space-saving size with tons of great features. The PC-52B has a front intake fan as well as a "blowhole" in the top to allow heat to escape easily. It features front-side USB connections, three 5.25 inch bays and two 3.5 inch bays.

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