Memory Card Readers

Written by Charles Peacock
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Memory cards are one of the great recent inventions in personal electronics. Without memory cards, we'd have a hard time storing and transferring things like digital pictures, music and files. They're small, easy to carry around and they're getting cheaper every day.

Adding a Memory Card Reader to Your PC

Until recently, most people left the memory cards inside their digital cameras or music players, choosing to empty the cards into their computers by plugging the actual cameras or music players into the computers with a special cables. As it turns out, keeping the right cable on hand at all times isn't always easy--they're easy to lose, hard to find and even harder to replace.

Fortunately, memory card readers are a great way to create a permanent interface between your digital media player or camera and your PC. By installing a media card ready in your computer and leaving it there, all you have to do is pull the memory card out of your camera and plug it into the computer just like a disk. Without using any special software, you can browse among the files on the card and easily transfer them to your computer.

Buying a card reader that supports several different types of media card is always a good idea. They're not much more expensive, and they will ensure you compatibility with all sorts of different devices (for each of which you'd normally have to have a special connector cable). Memory card readers usually come in two types: internal readers that are installed in one of your PC's bays, or external readers that you can plug in to a USB port.

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