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For most people, buying a new computer is a major investment. Unfortunately, many enter into this investment lightly and end up feeling buyer's remorse and regretting the fact that they didn't research the market more before making such a big purchase. If computers intimidate you, consider practicing using one at a place like a public library. This will allow you to be more confident when researching and "test driving" prospective new computers. Below are some other things that you should consider in your search for a new computer.

Prepare a Budget

It's wise to prepare a budget prior to searching for a new computer. This will allow you to research only those that are in your price range and may help you to resist the temptation to buy accessories that you do not really need. When buying a new computer on-site, notify any salesperson helping you about your budget and your desire to stay within it.

If you plan on using your new computer to generate documents like letters, reports, etc., be sure to include extra money in your budget so you can purchase a word processing system like Microsoft Word or Corel WordPerfect. You should also include in your budget money to cover antivirus software produced by companies like Norton or McAfee, which will be required if you will be accessing the Internet. Most new computers come with trial versions of antivirus software that expire a few months after registration. Also, keep in mind that you may have to personally purchase other programs to play games, organize records, or view pictures and video.

Laptop or Desktop?

There are two main types of personal computers: desktops and laptops. As their names infer, desktops remain stationary, usually upon a desk, while laptops are mobile. In general, desktops are cheaper and easier to upgrade while laptop owners have the freedom to use their computers anytime, anywhere. Additionally, laptops often require accessories like carrying cases and memory card readers. When choosing a new computer, ask yourself if having mobility is a necessity. If not, it is probably wiser to choose a desktop.

What Do You Need in a Computer?

Before beginning your search for a new computer, decide what types of things you expect to do with it. If you need a new computer to perform basic tasks like keeping records or connecting to the Internet, you will need only to buy a cheaper model that has less memory and few, if any, accessories. If you are buying a new computer to burn (or copy) DVDs, play video games, or watch videos, you should consider spending the extra money for a high quality video card and/or sound card.

Also consider that new computers that are considered "top of the line" can be extremely expensive, and computers that have a little less memory or have been out on the market for a little longer may be considerably cheaper. The same is true when purchasing very inexpensive computers. Sometimes spending just a few hundred dollars more will allow you to get a new computer that offers significantly more features.

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