Notebooks With Internal Subwoofers

Written by James McLean
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One of the latest trends in media-ready mobile computing these days is the new rash of notebooks with internal subwoofers. More than just gimmicky devices, the best of these actually use solid-state parts that sound comparable to their floor-bound counterparts. Needless to say, the change in experience as you move from the old kind to the new can be nothing short of extraordinary.

Play your favorite DVD or music through the integrated speakers that come with most laptops and you are likely to get a tinny approximation of rich stereo sound. The truth is that no matter how good the manufacturers get at audio technology, speakers that fit on the new slimmer profiles are destined by simple physics to sound thin as well. That's why it took so long for engineers to come up with a way to add true bass to that mobile experience.

Modern Solutions

If you have invested in surround sound speakers in the last five years, you may have noticed the new trend of coupling tiny satellite speakers with hidden subwoofers. Nothing hits treble points with the crispness of small, well-made speakers, which is why in a sense many laptops were already primed for a paradigm shift. All that was needed to fill out the soundscape was a subwoofer filling in the rest.

Not many notebooks come with quality subwoofers these days, so you may want to stick with the builders that win top reviews from gamers and media buffs. A good integrated subwoofer should sound and feel just like the thrumming powerhouse you keep in your room at home. Some comparison shopping might yield reviews that point you toward superior versions.

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