Pc 70

Written by Charles Peacock
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The Lian Li PC 70 is one of the company's best full tower server cases. Made with Lian Li's trademark aluminum exterior design, the PC 70 is a very large case that combines great aesthetics with function and accessibility. Unlike some of Lian Li's other cases, the PC 70 supports dual CPU motherboard setups.

Features of the PC 70

The PC 70 is one of Lian Li's largest cases. It has 15 drive bays, nine exterior and six interior. It also features front-side USB and audio ports, like most of Lian Li's cases. The look of the case is basic but elegant, available only in silver brushed aluminum. (The PC 71 is the same case painted black).

The PC 70 features a highly efficient cooling system, with four separate ball bearing fans. Exhaust ports are located in the front and rear of the machine, allowing heat to dissipate quickly and easily. In addition, the unit's aluminum construction allows heat to escape more efficiently than other types of metal cases.

If you're looking for a robust server case with a lot of features, the PC 70 is a great choice. It has recently been supplanted by a new line of more stylized aluminum Lian Li cases, so it is usually available at a surprisingly low price. The PC 70 won't be around forever, so if you're in the market for one its best to act quickly.

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