Pc V1100

Written by Charles Peacock
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Lian Li has made a name for themselves producing high-quality, attractive aluminum PC cases. Their designs have been quite revolutionary in terms of both form and function, and the PC-V1100 is no exception. One of the coolest PC cases on the market, the PC-V1100 offers a whole host of great features inside a beautiful and elegant looking case.

Features of the Lian Li PC-V1100

The PC-V1100 is at heart almost exactly like its predecessor, the PC-V1000. The PC-V1000 was the first Lian Li case (and the first, apparently, in the industry) to feature an inverted main board design. By flipping the motherboard upside-down, the PC-V1000 put the power supply on the bottom and the expansion slots on top. The PC-V1100 also features this inverted design, which makes for less clutter and more accessibility inside the case.

The PC-V1100 improves on the PC-V1000 mainly with some advancements in sound dampening. The most obvious change is the front bezel cover, which covers the bays and the unique vent holes that surround them. The bezel cover gives the PC-V1100 an incredibly sleek look, and it also acts to dampen the sound of the components in the front bays.

Adding to the sound-dampening qualities of the PC-V1100 are several layers of foam around the edges and on the sides of the case. Lian Li seems to have taken extra care to make this case as quiet as possible, so if you're looking for an attractive high-end case that makes very little noise, this is a great choice. The PC-V1100 is available in both black and silver.

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