Pc V2000

Written by Charles Peacock
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The Lian Li PC-V2000 is another model in that company's line of revolutionary PC cases. Intended for server applications, the PC-V2000 is truly one of the best cases on the market. In terms of style, functionality and features (which is pretty everything worth mentioning in a PC case) there are few better options on the market than the PC-V2000.

Features of the Lian Li PC-V2000

The PC-V2000 is an enormous PC case, although despite its size it only weighs in at about 15 pounds. This is because the PC-V2000 is made primarily from aluminum--a metal that protects well, allows heat to escape and gives a great overall look. In fact, the PC-V2000 is one of the most attractive looking cases on the market, featuring unique vent holes along the front and back of the unit.

Like Lian Li's smaller models, the PC-V2000 features an inverted design that places the motherboard upside-down, with the power supply on the bottom. This goes against conventional wisdom, which will tell you that it's better to have the power supply (and built-in fan) on top because heat rises and it's easier to keep the case cool that way. The PC-V2000 solves this problem by completely compartmentalizing the inside of the case, giving each of the PC's main systems its own compartment and ventilating system.

The PC-V2000 features seven front bays (that's right--seven), as well as seven rear slots for PCI cards. Most standard users won't need this kind of size and expandability, but it's extremely useful for server purposes. The PC-V2000 also features rolling casters on the base of the machine so it's easy to move the machine around.

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