Pc V2100

Written by Charles Peacock
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The Lian Li PC-V2100 is one step up from the company's cutting-edge PC-V2000 server case. The main difference between the PC-V2100 and the PC-V2000 is that the PC-V2100 has a cover for the front bezel. Like the PC-V2000, the PC-V2100 is available in black or standard brush aluminum and features Lian Li's distinctive mesh vent holes on the front and rear of the case.

Features of the PC-V2100

The PC-V2100 is a very large case, with seven external 5.25 bays and 12 internal 3.5 inch bays. This is in addition to seven available rear PCI slots. Good for server systems, the PC-V2100 supports EXT, ATX and Pentium 4 motherboards. It provides superior cooling possibilities for robust systems that generate a lot of heat.

Like Lian Li's other PC cases, the PC-V2100 features three interior zones for better heat dissipation. All of the fans inside the PC-V2100 are fixed with anti-vibration rubber rings, which reduce the noise generated inside of the case. The PC-V2100 offers an aluminum lock on the front cover as well as casters on the bottom for easy rolling and spinning even in tight situations.

The PC-V2100 comes with a stainless steel high quality power button. It also features front-side USB, firewire and audio inputs. All of these features are packed into a unique, modern-looking case that would be a fantastic solution for any high-end server system.

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