Prostar 1282

Written by James McLean
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The ProStar 1282 is well-regarded as one of the least expensive notebooks to look as handsome as a gaming PC from Dell. With anodized blue exterior and a high-end Intel Extreme Graphics card, this is one notebook equally at home running Warcraft as Word. No wonder increasing numbers of mobile professionals are turning to the ProStar brand for inexpensive PCs for the road.

Good notebook computers change nearly everything about the way we conduct our business. Mobile computing means connectivity, productivity and leisure time gain new dimension as our fullest potential sits at our feet throughout the day. ProStar's sound reputation for using high-quality parts from Toshiba, TEAC and others are responsible for their progress in this competitive market.

Other Ways

How do they do it? If you've never heard of ProStar: that's how. This small company has focused the entirety of its resources on building outstanding products and a reputation for the very best customer service. Put simply, this is a company that relies on reviews and superior craftsmanship over marketing.

There are better ways to find powerful machines for mobile computing without visiting Gateway on the Web. Sometimes the very same parts can come in appealing package from second-tier builders with good experience. If you want a machine that can keep up with you, it may help to compare the 1282 with other offerings in your area.

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