Prostar 4754

Written by James McLean
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If you've followed notebooks over the last several years, you probably know the ProStar name has only gotten better. What started over fifteen years ago as one of the first OEM manufacturers of portable computing products has today grown into a major builder and distributor. If the company keeps releasing winners like the ProStar 4754, it's tough to imagine anyone taking their place.

Start with the display. Unlike many comparably priced laptops, the 4754 offers true widescreen active matrix TFT at 17". If you're a media buff, gamer, designer or just relish the idea of a wider swatch of the Web, you can hardly go wrong with this bright, clear screen. The good news is that the hardware that drives it is among the best in the business.

Chips Ahoy

ProStar is one of the only smaller builders to carry Pentium 4s in their notebooks, as opposed to the somewhat downsized Centrino line. Clever chipsets and cooling architecture keep the machine humming along no matter where you work. Add in 400MHz front side bus and an optional TV tuner and it's no wonder so many avid media fans count this notebook among the finest going for full-screen playback.

ProStar tends not to skimp on peripherals, drivers and hardware that rivals the major offerings. With the well-regarded Radeon 9700 Pro driving the graphics, it's no wonder this powerhouse proves more than adequate for most DVD and film editing tasks. The best part may be the price: under two grand, fully loaded.

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