Prostar 4764

Written by James McLean
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AMD is doing a lot of things right these days. Rarely does a week go by without another report of Intel delaying a new chip line being eclipsed by the announcement of another triumph in the Athlon line. No wonder the major three manufacturers have begun stocking their mid-range PCs with AMD's offerings over the pricier Intel versions.

It took a little longer for Athlon to find its way into premium notebooks, but those days have now arrived. For Exhibit A, witness the new ProStar 4764 laptop, a tiny powerhouse running an Athlon on a speedy chipset. The result is screaming processing speed and a front side bus (1600MHz) that's as good for gaming as it is for a stroll down the Net.

The ProStar Signature

ProStar is one of the few companies that have managed to steal customers away from Dell and others. With sound design and an eye toward quality video cards and media drives, ProStar is proving a viable alternative for a number of popular makes. Clever additions like internal subwoofers and webcams are making the line even more difficult to resist.

Not all notebooks are made for play. Of the ones clearly designed with mobile computing in mind, the 4764 is one of the few that may warrant a second look from gamers and artists alike. This is one office notebook that can make the trip to entertainment and back without breaking a sweat.

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