Prostar 9096

Written by James McLean
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Off-brand powerhouses like the ProStar 9096 don't come along as often as many people would like. This compact notebook is one of the few not made by the likes of IBM or Apple that offers over a gig of RAM standard, blazing front side bus speed at 800MHz and a lightweight frame to keep it all simple. No wonder sales figures are on the rise for this well-run start up.

There was a time when the only notebook manufacturers in the U.S. were top-tier companies like Dell and DIY garage engineers who built the machines on the weekends. Today a wide variety of smaller companies have leapt in to fill the void left by major companies whose selections are limited and overpriced. ProStar is widely regarded as one of the best of the breed.

A Lot for a Little

Mobile computing has changed since the days when everyone had a Powerbook with an eraser mouse. Today's new generation is media-ready, with TV tuners and Pentium 4s under the hood. ProStar even supports RAID architecture, using multiple data drives to speed up processing.

There aren't many companies that manufacture off-brand notebooks with handsome housing or enough options. ProStar does both, which is why it continues to siphon market share off the bug guns in the industry. If you want a notebook that will stay current for several cycles hence, you could do a lot worse than the 9096.

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