Qfp Adapters

Written by Jarret Ewanek
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QFP, or Quad Flat Pack, components are four-sided devices with leads extending from all four sides. QFP packages come in either prefabricated trays or on tape or reels. The packaging format helps to protect the leads from being damaged during the mounting process. In addition, the packaging of these devices helps to protect the devices from damage due to heat and other damaging factors.

QFP packages help to increase the functionality of consumer electronic products such as laptop computers, cell phones, hand held games, and PDAs. One of the reasons QFP packages are able to attach to the printed circuit board is the high rate of coplanarity. If coplanarity is not achieved, these packages do not function properly. Most QFP packages are made of either plastic or ceramic components.

What to Look For in QFP Packages

Due to the packaging of QFP devices, the amount of pins used is limited, in some cases to 300 leads or less. This means there are limits to the amount of added functionality that can be provided from these devices. While this is a drawback, the package still provides enough additional memory for a number of different applications. This type of surface mount packaging has proven to be quite reliable under extreme conditions.

QFP packages are used in Smart Cards and other memory applications. If you are the owner of a personal computing device or you're the manufacturer of personal computing devices, you know how important it is to provide small interface packages for your customers and your professional clients. When you use sockets you can insert them into your systems with little to no interference or damage. You can find these memory chips and packaging units in sockets and also in surface mount packaging varieties.

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