Raid Laptops

Written by James McLean
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If you are a networking buff or IT professional, you may be interested in getting notebook computers that are RAID-capable. Unlike other supercomputing options, RAID is one of the easiest ways to keep costs down and build in ready maintenance into the system. Its proponents claim distributed networks like these are the future of complex parallel processing tasks.

What is RAID? The acronym refers to Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks, and as you might imagine, it describes a particular way of linking low-cost processing machines together. Instead of buying a whopping 500GB hard drive, you can simply link ten 50s together for a far more versatile and redundant storage configuration.


The economies of scale don't quite hold for computing the way they do for a number of other industries. For reasons of manufacturing specifications, buying many smaller computers is often far less expensive than investing in a single supercomputer. Notebooks that are RAID ready are often the easiest way to pull together truly staggering storage space without breaking the bank.

Not many manufacturers build this capability into the notebooks they sell, meaning costly and time-consuming mods are required to make them work in concert. If you are motivated, however, you can probably find a few smaller builders that take pains to make their notebook RAID-ready out of the box. Sometimes a little research can pay off enormously with finds like these.

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