Written by James McLean
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Sager is that rare thing: a truly venerated computer manufacturer that has yet to break into mainstream consciousness. Computer buffs have known about the Southern California-based company for years, lauding its consistent style and emphasis on premium hardware. To the rest of the world, the Sager name remains largely anonymous.

How can a company so good at what it does have escaped the glare of media attention? Mostly because they don't seek it, is the short answer. Although Sager models like the 4791 and the 9860 continue to sell well, the company puts none of that money back into marketing. Their single-minded attention to quality is beginning to pay off through word-of-mouth alone.

The Sager Way

These days it's hard to spend any time on Craigslist or a similar classified site without finding dozens of people willing to build you a computer. What these DIY home-builders offer in price, they often lack in manufacturing skill, leading to machines that boast handsome specs but are prone to loosening parts and poorly installed motherboards. That's where companies like Sager prove that there is still a place for small builders.

Unlike a single hobbyist, these boutique builders take care to design cases and integrate hardware into a truly secure, cohesive whole. They also offer generous warranties and customer support, making them more like a major builder than a little guy. The nice part is that their size and no-overhead marketing approach still allows them to charge prices comparable to the garage tinkerer down the street.

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