Sager 3790

Written by James McLean
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The Sager 3790 has become a popular choice for laptop users who desire a lot of value in a compact package. Like its older brother, the 4750, the machine boasts 512MB of Ram and a speedy 400MHz front side bus. It also brings DVD capacity and a CD burner to the table.

The great advantage of this economy notebook is, unsurprisingly, the price. Many vendors sell it for under $1,700 and a few will even carry it for under $1,500. For students and professionals who want solid computing power with some fun multimedia goodies, the 3790 may be one of the smartest choices out there.

The Laptop Revolution

Laptop use is on the rise. Experts believe laptop sales are growing at four times the rate desktop sales are diminishing, meaning the transition into majority use will soon be complete. As more artists, students, mobile professionals and home users get more portable, the choices they make inevitably reflect what they want in a machine.

Sager has positioned itself well as one of the few "second-tier" manufacturers that actually puts together custom packages. Instead of a purely DIY approach, Sager has carved out a niche where standard products compete with the big three manufacturers for value. Savvy computer users are finding the warranties and construction solid enough to lure them away from Dell, HP and the like.

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