Sager 4750

Written by James McLean
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The Sager 4750 is one of the best values you are likely to find for a mid-range notebook loaded with features. Let's start with the basics. Besides possessing a whopping 17 inch screen and 40GB hard drive, the notebook also boasts some extras you might not expect to find on a laptop of any size.

TV tuners have become hot only in the last few years, as increasing numbers of computer users are finding new ways to bring multimedia capacity to their professional devices. The newest generation of laptop and desktop PCs that boast these handy inputs on their video cards allow users to do something unprecedented: pull cable and satellite signals onto the desktop itself. Needless to say, what you do from there is largely a matter of the amount of time you choose to invest.

The Future of Computing

Common apps for TV-ready PCs include Tivo-like functions and picture-in-picture capacity for a wired home. That means you can save, edit, burn and email television shows just like they were CDs. Users that try it report they never tire of the "oohs" and "ahhs" these homespun DVDs elicit from technologically lagging friends.

There is a reason the Sager name has become synonymous with quality for less, and it's not because of their sporty designs. With generous Ram standard (512, upgradeable) and all the inputs you could ever desire, it's no wonder this small company is making inroads against the giants. It may be only a matter of time before the Sager name is as familiar as the ones you see advertised on network television so often.

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