Sager 4791

Written by James McLean
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The Sager 4791 boasts all the features of the popular 4750, but ups the ante with faster processing in the form of a new Pentium 4 at 3.0GHz. That means you get the same outstanding goodies like optional TV tuner and built in subwoofer without having to pay thousands more for the superior processor. For growing numbers of notebook computer buffs, these are the deals worth finding.

Everything is changing about the way notebook computers are manufactured, assembled, marketed and sold. What was once a cloistered industry has given way to scores of baby builders intent on doing the major manufacturers one better with sleek cases and better hardware. The result is an unprecedented boom of quality products from companies that until recently had yet to rise above the radar.

Do One Thing

Sager is one of the stand-outs because its singular focus on laptops has made it a well-regarded expert. You aren't likely to find ultra-high bus speeds like 1600MHz on anything less than a gaming platform from the major builders, yet Sager offers one on its relatively office-oriented 4750. With less money to spend on advertising and more on welding together durable motherboards and speaker assemblies, Sager can truly excel in a competitive field.

There has never been a brighter time for the future of notebooks. In the last quarter of 2004 alone, notebook sales were up nearly 25 percent even as desktop sales dropped. Needless to say, this entire industry is making serious moves toward the mobile market.

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