Serial Ata Hard Drives

Written by James McLean
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The nice thing about serial ATA hard drives is that they make processing go faster without slowing down encoding and storage. Instead of parallel drives that can occasionally find themselves fighting over valuable CPU time, serial drives are built by definition to go in order. Elegant design such as this can aid with everything from retrieval to number crunching.

Serial ATA drives have become the de facto standard among a ferociously competing group of manufacturers for a reason. With high revolutions per minute (rpm) rates and some of the most stable data encoding anywhere in memory, these drives quickly supplanted older technologies when they first appeared at the end of the 20th century. Since then, the read/write technology has only gotten smaller and faster.

Jumbo Size

It's hard to imagine when you look at a slim line notebook computer, but the very best of these can now house over 100GB or more of memory. That means you can encode, edit and output full videos, gorgeous design work and the very highest quality music tracks with ease. Add a TV tuner and you can even store hours of television right on the drive, for retrieval the next time you travel.

It is a bold new world for computer memory, and serial ATA drives are leading the way. With their durability and speed, these versatile pieces of hardware are rapidly changing the expectations we bring to bear on our mobile computing. If you look hard enough, you could find sizable drives on budget laptops from smaller manufacturers.

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