Written by Jessica Duquette
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Since silver heatsinks don't exist, the most conducive heatsinks are made out of copper. The SKL800 is one of these copper heatsinks. Use a 25mm or 38mm fan depending on how much noise you can stand.

Internet Retailers

A heatsink, like the SLK800, is the best way to keep your CPU cool. Many internet suppliers are offering the Thermalright SKL800. Search around for the best prices before you decide to purchase one.

For under $50 you can purchase a Thermalright SLK800. This copper heatsink has soldered fins offering maximum contact. Another great advantage to this heatsink is its ability to mount directly to your motherboard.

A Wise Investment

Each SLK800 includes retention wires for fan mounting. Most Thermalright products do not include installation instructions, so check out the Thermalright website for an online assembly guide. Don't settle for second best when purchasing a heatsink. The Thermalright SLK800 is an excellent product and well worth the investment.

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