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Tablet PCs are the latest advancement in personal computing. The size of an 8 ½ by 11 sheet of paper, and not much thicker, the tablet PC is sought after by students, executives, and health care workers.

The advantages of the tablet PC are numerous. In "vertical" fields, fields such as healthcare that require a great deal of walking around and mobility, the tablet PC allows the worker to enter data one time, at the point of contact. Notes and tapes do not need to be transcribed, saving time and cutting down on the possibility of errors occurring.

Tablet PCs are also popular in meetings, where they can be passed around, used to jot down ideas, and then stored and sent to everyone in the office via email.

Data can be entered in to the tablet PC in a variety of ways. You can write directly onto the screen using a stylus and handwriting recognition software. You can use speech recognition software to speak directly into the computer. The tablet PC also includes a touch screen to use for data entry. If you are traditional and want to use a keyboard, you can use a virtual (on screen) keyboard, or a wireless, external keyboard.

The variety of ways to enter data in a tablet PC is helpful to people that use the computer a great deal. The ability to switch from traditional typing to writing and a touchscreen makes the tablet PC very ergonomically friendly.

Why a Tablet over a Laptop?

As wonderful as the tablet PCs are, they may or may not be the best choice for you. The main selling point of the tablet PC, its lightweight portability, does have drawbacks. If you need to run or burn CDs, type on a traditional keyboard, or play back quality sound, you will find the tablet to be second best.

While there are a variety of peripherals available for tablets, you have to consider whether these add-ons make it worthwhile to stay with the (pricier) tablet. While the tablet PC hit the general marketplace in the fall of 2002, the laptop has been around much longer. A laptop is cheaper, comes equipped with internal drivers for CDs and DVDs, and can easily be used as your main machine.

Regardless, people that have used tablet PCs generally become avid supporters. The reason for initial purchase, lightweight and ease of data entry, is often times forgotten once the real value becomes apparent. Sketches, drawings, personally signed e-mails and memos can be created, saved and e-mailed to anyone in the world. Many executives find that the tablet PC is useful for getting passed around meetings and offices during brainstorming sessions.

The real value in the tablet PC appears to be in the ability to improve communication and collaboration skills among partners. As more computer companies develop their own tablet PCs, and more consumers become familiar with the advantages of a tablet, look for the tablet PC market to gather a larger percentage of the personal computing market.

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