Tsop Test Clips

Written by Rylee Newton
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TSOP packages provide memory enhancement and increased speeds for a number of different microprocessors on the market today. TSOP stands for thin small outline package, and is a term used to describe a package that is one-third the thickness of the standard SOJ. SOJ stands for Small Outline J-lead chip, and this type of package has long been used for consumer electronics and hand-held devices. TSOP packages feature gull-wing leads on both sides, and should be mounted directly onto the printed circuit board.

TSOP packages are just one of the many DRAM packages on the market today. DRAM stands for dynamic random access memory. This is a broad term that is used to describe the majority of computer memory systems available today. This type of computer memory must remain in constant contact with the microprocessor, as it must be refreshed in order to retain information.

Testing the System with Clips and Sockets

TSOP sockets and adapters are often seen in things like memory upgrade chips and those credit card sized memory modules. They are designed to provide minimal interference with the system. Engineers and technicians often test these devices using test clips and test sockets designed specifically for these packages.

When searching for a test clip for your TSOP package it's important to find one that matches the footprint of your microprocessor. Other things to consider include pin count, and distance between the pins, or pitch. You also want to make sure to invest in minimally invasive testing devices. Clips and sockets are used primarily for diagnostic purposes. The right clip can help to determine if the signal is flowing properly and also helps to isolate the source of any electrical problems.

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