Tssop Sockets

Written by Jarret Ewanek
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If you're looking for a way to increase the memory capacity of your system without taking up too much space on the printed circuit board, you can find a number of useful surface mount connectors and sockets. These devices are either inserted into the PCB, or mounted onto the board using soldering paste. The wide selection of devices can be overwhelming, but the right supplier can help you sort through the all of your options.

One of the most popular surface mount packages is called ball grid array. BGA chips use solder balls to connect to the PCB. This type of package is often used in consumer electronics and smaller electronic devices because there are no pins to take up additional space on the circuit board. Before BGA packages engineers used a method called pin grid array, or PGA. PGA chips are formed using a series of pins that are attached to the PCB.

Practical Uses for TSSOP Sockets

As the need for smaller and smaller packaging devices continues to grow, engineers and manufacturers are developing new chips and sockets. These devices take up less space, produce less resistance, are easier to insert or mount to the PCB, and have longer life expectancies. One of these devices is called TSSOP, or thin shrink small outline package.

TSSOP packages are more affordable than some of the other small logic packaging devices. These devices typically have anywhere from eight to 24 leads that protrude from the end of the package. By definition, TSSOP packages are limited to a maximum of 84 pins. These devices are ideal for a number of different applications including telephone handsets, audio and video electronics, disk drives, memory chips, and speed dialers.

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