Wireless Notebooks

Written by James McLean
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Wireless notebooks are perceived by many to be the true fulfillment of the promise of mobile computing. Sure, it was exciting when the same applications we once believed were tethered to the desk turned out to be road-worthy and hardy enough for the trip. But as our work grew more Internet-intensive, the glaring omission of wireless broadband soon began to obscure the other benefits of the laptop revolution.

Thankfully that has all changed in the last several years thanks to the advent of broadband wi-fi. New radio standards like 802.11b and 802.11g have changed everything about the way we connect to the Web, and these protocols seems to grow more scalable and robust every year. Experts believe it won't be long before America goes the way of the Japanese island and provides something close to blanket coverage coast to coast.

Take Advantage

That's why most manufacturers won't sell a notebook computer these days without some sort of wireless connectivity card. What speed and type you want is largely a function of what you will be using it for, but the fact remains that you will likely need something just to stay productive. Although such items can be pricey add-ons through major manufacturers, a growing movement among smaller builder is beginning to throw such features in for free.

It all comes down to business strategy. If you want to take advantage of the wi-fi watershed this industry has undergone, you may want to invest in a new notebook that will be ready for powerful media processing and the wireless downloads that go with it. Sometimes the second-tier manufacturers you may not have heard of carry the best deals on high-quality hardware.

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