X Dreamer Case

Written by Jessica Duquette
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Made by Aspire USA, the X Dreamer Case is an aluminum CPU case with a plastic front bezel. This case comes with a 350W TurboLink PSU included. Normally a PSU costs $30 by itself, so this makes the X Dreamer case a good bargain.

Customize Your Case

The X Dreamer Case comes in three colors. Silver, black and blue cases are all available at your favorite Internet supplier. In addition to the color options, this case includes a windowed side allowing owners to show off their technology.

This case includes several blow holes, proving the manufacturer put a lot of effort into designing an efficient CPU case. Additionally, the X Dreamer comes with thumb screws. Throw out your screwdrivers, Aspire USA is making your life a lot easier.

Well Worth the Money

The top of the case includes an additional blow hole. Not many CPU cases in this price range include a top mounted exhaust fan. The front of the case boasts an LCD display as well as USB ports, alleviating the irritating task of climbing under your desk. This case is an incredible investment and with all the built in functionality, you'd be hard pressed to find a better case for the money.

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