Written by Jessica Duquette
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Zalman Tech Company was founded in 1999. As one of the leading manufacturers of CPU coolers, this company has played a major role in reducing computer noise. This tactic, they feel is an important part in improving the usability and computer friendliness of their products.

Eighty Percent Less Noise

With a complete product line including cooling fans, CPU coolers, power supplies, heatsinks and more, Zalman offers any solution to computer cooling and noise prevention. Their cooling fans come with a lifetime warranty and guarantee an 80% decrease in noise compared to other major brands. If your current case fan is giving you problems or you are simply looking to improve your current work environment by decreasing noise, you should research their line of products.

Also specializing in CPU coolers, Zalman offers a wide range of products for reasonable prices. Built with a copper base, these coolers ensure heat dissipation. These systems come with a "Silent Mode" where you can hear no noise or vibration.

Innovative Design

Zalman flower heatsinks are one of the most sought after cooling products available today. A unique and successful design includes wide copper fins to better conduct heat and an overhead fan to circulate air over the heatsink. This innovative and quiet system is superior to many others on the market.

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