Zif Connectors

Written by Rylee Newton
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One of the main advantages of zero insertion force sockets is the ability to test the system with little to no interference. The last thing you want to do is bend the contact pins. This can severely affect the connection speed and overall life of your IC package. In addition, the wrong connector or socket can harm the overall operating system during the testing or product development process.

ZIF connectors help to increase the productivity of integrated circuits, and they also help to get your products to the market faster than ever. Most of the computers on the market today benefit from the addition of pin grid array packages. Rather than just sitting back and waiting for your system to fail, you can use ZIF connectors and sockets to prevent system failures and connection losses.

Prolonging the Life of Your Computer with ZIF Connectors

The great thing about ZIF connectors is that they don't compromise memory packages when inserted or removed from the printed circuit board. These devices meet the strictest standards for quality and ease of insertion and removal. When you insert devices that don't create any additional pressure to the system's environment. you save time and money in the manufacturing process.

ZIF sockets are traditionally used in pin grid array packages, and are quite affordable when purchased in bulk. These devices allow consumers and manufacturers to upgrade to the latest technology without having to invest in entirely new systems. When you consider how quickly electronic devices become obsolete, it just makes sense to invest in products that prolong the life of your system. ZIF sockets and connectors often feature slide catches and levers to help ensure the integrity of the integrated circuit.

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