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Written by Rylee Newton
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No computer rentals package would be complete without printers. In all of the years that I have been using computers for business and for educational purposes, the one thing that has been a source of more stress than any other is my printer. When it is out of ink or it is malfunctioning I find myself desperately seeking a fast solution. While people are turning more and more to electronic transmission of information, a printer is still one of the most essential pieces of office equipment.

You can find printers for any computer on the market today. If there's one thing to make sure of before you rent or purchase a computer I'd have to say it's the ink. Believe it or not, ink does make a difference in overall business costs. While you don't want to settle for lesser quality printing, you also don't want to find a printer that requires extremely expensive ink. I made this mistake and I regret it every time I have to go to the office supply store and replace another cartridge.

Shopping for Printers

You can find a number of reasonably priced printers that feature high quality reproductions. I made the mistake of buying a printer that was less expensive, but that required ink that costs $30 to refill every time it runs out. In just three refills I could have paid for the difference in price of the higher end model. You can check out the prices in your local electronics store, but don't leave the store without pricing the compatible ink cartridges as well.

Most desktop computers and laptop computers are compatible with a number of different printing devices. This means you have options. If you're looking for a compact printer for travel purposes or to use with your laptop, you can find a number of affordable options by shopping online. You can also find a number of different companies that provide printing equipment and supplies for rent for special events or short-term office needs.

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