Digital Signatures

Written by Jen Nichol
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Digital signatures allow you to authenticate the electronic transactions between you and your clients, allowing for greater customer satisfaction and loyalty. Their message is then encoded, carried safely through the electronic medium to your business's authorized end user, and then decoded and processed. Your client's vital data remains secure.

It used to be that businesses lived or died depending on the strength of their products. Now, the focus is on the strength of a business's security system. Customers are more savvy than ever, and want to know just how their valuable information is being safeguarded.

Digital Signatures Means Electronic Messages Can Be as Safe as Hand-Carried

Today's encryption tools bring power and security to your e-business. Whether you are engaged in banking, brokerage, retail, or other e-commerce endeavors, top of the line products will secure your transactions. Every e-business is only as strong as its security.

Digital signatures allow you and your clients to stop worrying about contaminated transmissions, and get back to business. There are a wide range of e-security solutions for your business from SSL accelerators to VPNs and smart cards. Let yourself feel the relief great security affords.

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