Free Pc Security

Written by Kevin Tavolaro
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If you're hoping to secure your PC against threats, but find yourself on a limited budget, you can still establish a secure system by taking advantage of free security options. Freeware and shareware programs are available that can provide anti-virus and anti-hacker security for no charge. You can also take advantage of several websites that can assess the quality of your security system.

Many of the best-known security programs can be quite expensive, and some even require subscription fees in order to continually provide you with updated virus definitions. Although frequently updated security software is highly favorable for protecting your computer against new viruses, you can still manage to provide security without having to spend anything.

Where To Find Free PC Security Programs

There are many freeware anti-virus and computer programs available. They can be found at software sites, such as,, and others. One of the more convenient aspects of selecting a freeware anti-virus program from such a site is that there is usually an abundance of user feedback. The two sites mentioned feature user reviews for all products, so you can compare people's actual experience with the programs. You can also sort through the results by user rating, or release date, allowing you to find the latest or most popular anti-virus freeware programs.

In addition to freeware, there are a number of free online services available that can help you secure your PC. Online virus scans can search your computer for the latest viruses via a company website. These pages usually also provide tips for safe virus removal, if one is found. Other sites feature free security check programs. These sites simulate a number of threatening situations in order to determine how well your computer is equipped to deal with them. This includes replicating virus attacks, hacker intrusion, exposure to Trojan horse files, and more. Like the online virus scan sites, security check sites also provide information about how to remedy any security problems that may come up during the check.

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